Synopsis - 11 thousand years ago, a distant planet with its natural resources are running out. And a mineral stone with special energetic properties is the only salvation to reverse the situation of Zargon.
And this mineral was detected on an asteroid that is going toward Earth.

And a mission is sent to collect the mineral and try to save the planet. But something goes wrong. The ship crashes in the region of Lagoa Santa-MG in the Pleistocene period, 11 thousand years ago. 

And now, in an unknown planet, they will have to unite with the inhabitants of the Land of Lund and face all kinds of dangers to get the stone and save the planet from extinction.


Led by Gronk, his wife Luzia, Tiak, Droak, Bunk and Taiaçu master, plus Half-tooth (one tooth saber-) and Giant (a giant sloth)  they run through the scenarios that enchanted the Danish Peter Lund, considered the father of Brazilian paleontology. 

The story is focused on environmental preservation, the importance of preserving the caves and regions where there are traces of primitive life. A stroll past our prehistoric parents, rescuing archaeological, paleontological and cultural values.

An unique work in Brazil, which aims to bring to younger audiences  our extinct mega fauna (large animals which inhabited North and South America) and in addition to value the set of caves that make up the circuit  in Minas Gerais that extend throughout Brazil.

A story that will hold the attention of children, adolescents and adults.

In the book debut, there are still bonus with the beasts of megafauna, what are fossils, rupestrian pictures and caves guide circuit. 

A relevant work, which rescues the memory of Peter W. Lund and his important discoveries. That it opened the doors of the past, to understand the present.